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Book Features and Promos of the Month

Book features are simply that, books from other authors that I am featuring not only here but on my newsletter as well. As an Indie author myself, I understand how difficult it can seem to simply just get our books out there to readers, and I want to help.

For readers, please take a look at the books offered this month!

For authors if you would like to have a book feature or would like to be apart of my author spotlight, please click here.

Paranormal/Fantasy romance Sales!!

This sale goes through July 1st - 30th!

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Fantasy & Paranormal July Sale!!

This sale goes through July 1st - 30th!

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July Spicy Fantasy/Paranormal romance in kindle unlimited!!

This sale goes through July 1st - 30th!

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Book Promos

Looking to expand your TBR with some new book? Or some new authors all together!

Take a look at this generous list of amazing authors under these promos, just click the buttons below to browse and add to your hungry TBR!

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Witches and Walk-Ins

By: Tammy Tyree


“Indulge in a spellbinding blend of supernatural enchantment, sassy wit, and addictive witchy tales that will leave you utterly bewitched.”

Betty Burke has just awakened from a long coma, but there's a problem; she's not Betty.

Whip-smart hypnotherapist Alexandra Heale leads a double life. A natural-born witch, she lives under a death sentence. But she's been too clever to get caught.

When she tries to help Betty; a woman possessed by a traumatized spirit, Alex finds herself under attack.

Against her better judgment, she enlists the help of Deputy Sheriff Blake Sheraton, a man she swore to hate, who maybe isn't so bad - if he could keep her secrets and ignore his pledge to uphold an evil law.

The world of demons is about to descend on peaceful Castle Point, and only one witch can stop the unthinkable.

Even if it costs her life.

If you love the classic Witches of Practical Magic, the paranormal investigations of the Palmetto Point Witch Series by Wendy Wang, or the slow-burn romance and humor of The Witches of Hollow Cove by Kim Richardson, then you'll love this book!

"Witches and Walk-Ins" is the pulse-pounding first book in the Castle Point Paranormal Witch series, written by award-winning author, Tammy Tyree!

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Fallen For The Two-Headed Dragon

By: Delilah Dare

When treasure falls into a dragon's lair, it rightfully belongs to the dragon who dwells there...
Dana’s cookie-cutter life shatters when she’s sent careening down the mountainside, straight into a junk-riddled bear cave. Err, dragon cave.

Rathym, a stringent 500-year-old dragon, watches the human scramble from his home. By dragon code, the enrapturing new treasure is his, but he has a pressing matter that requires him to venture home after centuries of isolation.

When Dana is inevitably captured by the fearsome beast, she knows a logical person would try to escape--certainly not share the dragon's bed. Before she can admit she's fallen hard for the dragon whose lair she fell into, she needs to know if he looks at her as a pet or something more.

Unable to deny his visceral attraction, Rathym fights the mate bond that pulses brighter with every touch. If his homeland has embraced interspecies mating, why is he so terrified to open his heart?

To find out how much praise the ancient dragon showers his treasure with, click to read now!

Fallen for the Two-Headed Dragon is a binge-able standalone romance story. For a list of sensitive content, please see the author's website.

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cover_md (1).jpg

The Girl With The Uninvited Ghost

By: Cynthia Varady


Mahogany, a human living in the magical town of Pandemonium, Oregon, has taken a job collecting enchanted relics from deceased magical folk. While on a routine collection, Mahogany finds the wizard and his apprentice murdered. But that's not the worst part; the murderer is still in her house! Mahogany narrowly escapes with the help of her demon spider Bazgul, only to discover that she is now haunted by the apprentice's ghost until she solves his murder.

With the help of Bazgul and her new ghost, Mahogany breaks into police evidence to retrieve the enchanted objects before the Guild of Myth and Magic discovers that the relics have fallen into human hands. But Mahogany gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a clue to her family's past that intrinsically links her to the murdered wizard. Now Mahogany must race to find the murderer before she becomes the next victim.


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The Rictus Grin and Other Tales of Insanity

By: Erica Summers


A collection of eleven twisted and terrifying tales by extreme horror author, Erica Summers. Including stories of gripping psychological horror, cosmic, bizarro, body horror, and extreme.
This chilling collection of short horrors includes:
Feed the Machine
In the Blood of the Martyr
Painted in Vermilion
All the Same Color on the Inside
Take a Breath
Secondhand Kiss
Two Lip Garden
& The Rictus Grin
PLUS an introduction by Chisto Healy, author of Two of a Kind and The Gateway in Apartment 8.

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