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Want to join Ambrosia's Street Team?

Who We Are

 Persephone's Nymphs members are members of my street team. These are dedicated fans who help support me and spread the word about my books.

•    Are the first to hear upcoming releases and works in progress.
•    Get sneak peeks at book covers, works in progress, deleted scenes, etc.
•    Participate in special giveaways (such as free books, items related to the books, and whatever else I can think of).
•    Have access to members-only contests.
•    promotional materials to give out, to show your friends how awesome you are.
•    Promotional materials to keep for yourself, to remind yourself how awesome you are.  
•    Autographed copies of books, bookmarks, postcards, and more
•    Exclusive Q&A sessions or live “hangouts”
•      First to be asked about Beta and ARC sign ups.


Here are some things that Street Team members are encouraged (not required!) to do.  
The #1 rule for members is: just share/promote what you feel comfortable sharing/promoting! Each little bit goes a long way.  


•    Tell people you know about the books and share with friends & family to help spread the word.
•    Buy the books during the first week of release – this helps get books on bestseller lists.
•    Ask your local library to order my books, give the librarians the title, name, and link.
•    Leave promo materials at local book stores, coffee shops, or library – with permission!


•    Review the books as soon as possible at online retailers with your honest thoughts.
•    Share on your own fantastic social medias, whether that’s posting about the book, posting photos about you finding the book in a bookstore, posting you using the book as a floatation device…
•    Feature reviews, excerpts or anything else on your blog, website, Facebook, etc…

How do I join?
•    Simply fill out the form below and follow the email.

Get On The List

Thank you for joining the team!

Who Are We

The Nymphs


Christina Palandro

 I'm from the Philly-area and got back into
reading because of the BookTok community during covid.


Jaeden Beauchef

 I am a traditional illustrator and tattoo artist and when I am not drawing I spend my time devouring books because I fear I will never have enough time to read all the things I want to read, Greek mythology is my all time favorite subject, it inspires me to create on a daily basis and I’m always happy to talk about books, music or anything that keeps people inspired and excited ! 


Adrianna Garcia

I’m a full time CNA. I have always found comfort in books and music. I collect crystals, books, funko pops, and mini brands. I like to sketch and paint sometimes and I am planning to start a candle company this year. 


Brittany Corley

I work full time in finance and find the easiest way for me to let off some steam is to get lost in various book worlds. I can spend countless hours talking about books and think that reading others favorite books is an introduction to who they are. 

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