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Sunflower in the Shadows


Meklit (Mic-let)

Erius (Eerie-us)

Eriusazal (Eerie-uz-ale)

Alius (A-lie-us)

Alaura (A-lore-a)

Ennaza (E-naaz-a)

Dazron (Dezz-ron)

Jafeki (Jaa-fee-key)

Muffa (Moo-fa)

Elpos (El-pose)

De’Mordia (De-more-de-a)

Tikara (Tee-car-aa)

Chimeriea (She-mar-iea)

Ozeth (O-zeth)

Urran (Oo-raan)

Drokadan (Dro-ka-den)

Vokuud (Voe-kood)

A'trox (A-trox)


Macaria (Ma-car-rhia)

Kalopasia (Kal-oop-sia)

Malefic (Mel-ef-ic)

Mortala (More-tal-a)

Dolent (Dole-yent)

Note: These words have been given a different pronunciation, but their definition remains the same.

Demric Translations

Videos of pronunciation of Demric words are available on Ambrosia's Tiktok, under the 'Learning Fantasy Language' playlist

Mich můpfùtsham rǔb bup moi mate pàt -  I understand she be your mate now

Ewiwpay poush zho  -  Ignorant little shit

ǔdh låb -  Inkfish

Dàw shåkwìp  -  Ghost fungus

Jìk bush jǔp  -  Roast ham meat

Creamů mùdh låb zìl   -  Creamy barracuda stew

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