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Ambrosia R. Harris

Ambrosia R. Harris

Ambrosia R. Harris is a writer, creator, herbalist, and mother. She has been writing fictional stories since she was in high school and has always found interest in Greek Mythology. She isn't just interested in the mythology, but the ancient religion as well. She does consider herself Hellenic and her current project is one of her biggest offerings and devotions to not only her two characters, but the deities she consults with. 

Upon reading many different versions and retellings of the most famous kidnapping, she found herself still thirsty for more about Persephone, more about what really drew her to the underworld, after all, she did decide to take on her role as queen and grew to love the king.  With that, Ambrosia began her two-year journey into writing the first part of a four-book series. 

Thank you for joining her on this amazing trip to the Underworld and getting to know the Chthonic Gods that reside there!

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