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Current Works

The Taking of Persephone Series

Kore original copy
Hades original copy
Demeter original copy
Persephone original copy

Sunflower in the Shadows Series

Sunflower in the Shadows
Sunflower in the Shadows

Demons and Mortals Series

eBook only

Demon King
Best seller

Due to the republishing of The Taking of Persephone Series, my previous drafting and publishing schedule for the next few years has been altered and will be posted soon...

Kindle Vella

The Mischievous Adventures of Hermes

A continuation of the Hermes Bonus Chapter at the end of KORE

Hermes is known as the God of Messages and Trickery, Mischief and Theft. But what is most missed about this god is the amount of information he harbors and what secrets he knows. Secrets that can end marriages and destroy realms. How does he juggle all this madness?

Stick around to find out.

On pause between season 2 and 3 indefinitely as I work on other projects. I do plan to return to this work in a remastered sense. But for now, it is just a fun little spin off.

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