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I am happy to announce that The Taking of Persephone Series is under contract with 8th Note Press Publishing and will be republished early 2024


The Taking of Persephone Series


Who was Persephone before she was the Queen of the Underworld?

She was merely a child named Kore.


KORE, THE GODDESS OF SPRING and daughter to Demeter, had kept few secrets from her mother.

One being the true extent of her divinity and the other being her few chance meetings with the King of the Dead.


It was upon one of these secret meetings, on her seventeenth year that the God of the Underworld gifted Kore a simple crystal from his realm.


Determined to pay the King a visit of her own, along with overhearing some unfavorable news Kore soon finds herself fleeing to the Underworld in hopes of gaining sanctuary with the King.


What seemed like a simple journey at first, quickly turns into a fight for her immortal life. Facing cyclopes, monstrous shades, and vengeful Gods of the realm, Kore soon realizes the journey through the Underworld is not the safest for one such as the Goddess of Spring.




The Taking of Persephone Series


Hades, the King of the Underworld and God of the Dead, had a lonely existence in his realm. Meeting and judging the shades, attending the few meetings in Olympus, and spending as little time in the mortal realm as possible. That is until Thanatos goes missing, Elysium begins to decay, and he is stuck leaving his realm to collect souls on the fates' request.

His task was simple, retrieve Icarus and return.

But when he finds the young Goddess of Spring massacring a patch of flowers, he soon finds he is not the only Divine with Duality.

Over several chance encounters, he learns the sweet Goddess of Spring has far more to offer than dainty flowers, and that her vengeance is just as insatiable as his.


In this second installment to The Taking of Persephone Series, we see Hades’ account of the events. Not just the same tale told twice over, but new Gods, new creatures, and new locations rediscovered from Hades’ eyes.


Map of The Underworld

The Underworld 2022-01-04-12-51.jpeg

The Taking of Persephone Series



A side most often told is the side of one who is blamed for the worst. A story twisted to create the narrative of an evil, overbearing mother. But the truth is far more sinister.

Being the Goddess of Harvest is no easy task, especially with a young Divine in tow. Demeter worked diligently at keeping her crops and harvest afloat while raising a rambunctious and curious child.
Hoping Kore would soon follow in the solid path Demeter laid out for her, the goddess suddenly finds herself at the mercy of Zeus' order.
Marry off Kore to Ares - no threats needed.
But before the news could be presented to young Kore, Demeter wakes to find her child vanished in the night.
Heartbroken, Demeter sets out in search of young Kore, but what finds her instead sets way to the terror that laid waste to mortal life.

What really happened to Demeter after Kore's disappearance?

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The Taking of Persephone Series


Blurb TBA


The Taking of Persephone Series

Bones & Pomegranate Seeds

Special Edition

A compilation of the first three book of the series, written in the way it was originally intended, and in chronological order of events.

Full blurb coming soon.


The Taking of Persephone Series

Three Years with Ares

Coming 2024

Stuck with the God of War while aiding her mother in the mending of Greece, Kore thought lessons of drawing life were all she had to worry about. But when she and Ares witness a mortal battle on a near by beach, a power is unleashed and it's more than she could ever control.

Threatened with exposure of her true nature, Kore suppresses that piece of herself. An act that she soon learns is more dyer than her out of control vines.

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The Taking of Persephone Series

War and Roses

Coming 2024

Working Cover

Blurb TBH

Covers Aphrodite's POV during the events of 'Demeter'

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