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Check The Titles

Some books may touch on very sensitive subjects. Please look for which book you are about to read and read at your own comfort and discretion.



The Taking of Persephone Series

Demeter is the third installment of the Taking of Persephone Series and follows the journey of Demeter during the year Persephone was in the Underworld. 

Due to the nature of this tale and its connection and likeness to the original myths some events may be difficult for some readers.

Reader discretion is HIGHLY advised.


Sensitive topics mentioned:


Talks of Sexual Abuse

Rape (Off page)

Child endangerment

Assault/Kidnapping and torture






Please be advised when moving forward with this section of this tale, as this is where we will be hitting a very serious note.

Stay safe and take breaks when needed – skip if you must.

If you or a loved one have experienced trauma, please reach out for further help.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours.



National Sexual Assault Hotline

Hours: Available 24 hours Learn more


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Sunflower in The Shadows

The Dark Realm Series

Sunflower in the Shadows is a Dark Fantasy Romance that contains gore, scenes that may seem frightening or grotesque to some readers, and graphic sex scenes.
It is intended for mature audiences only.

Reader Discretion is advised.


Sensitive topics mentioned:


Graphic Sexual Scenes



Grotesque or Frightening Descriptions

Satanic Tones


Talks of death and murder

Alcohol and drug use

Heavy use of the word Fuck and other frowned upon words

Brief mention of Covid

Mentions of child neglect

Parental trauma


This book is not intended to mimic or replicate any religious standings. All descriptions, names, lore, and events are of the author's own mind. 

This is NOT to be confused with the author's moral grounds or beliefs. 

This is purely smutty, dark, entertainment.

Please enjoy at your own discretion

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