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Sunflower in the Shadows

Book 1

“Hi, I’m Mina Karim and I’m... Well, I’m not too sure what I am. Not anymore anyway. But what I am sure of, is never, under any circumstances, offer your soul to a demon while drunk.”

Mina breaks every rule in the book when she accidentally summons an ambivalent demon who grants them four magical gifts to her and her friends for their souls. However, she wakes up with a bit more than she bargained for.

Tethered with the very demon whose hand she shook, Mina must work with him to find a way to break their bond. But they soon find her necromancy powers develop into something more dangerous.

Erius set out to complete a task he had done many times, but this time, the scent of the mortal he was sent to capture is captivating and delicious, a snack begging to be devoured. He soon regrets his thievery when he is unable to return to his realm and instead placed back alongside the mortal he was to capture.

Propelled into the demon’s world, he and Mina race to keep her new identity a secret from those who would seek to harm her.

Will they be able to break the bond?
Or will the truth send them spiraling further into the endless depths of the Six Circles?


Sunflower in the Shadows is the first book in this paranormal romance series. Pulling you into the magical world of the Six Circles where you’ll find modern-day witches, cranky demons, and a magical adventure that will keep you turning the page for more.

It contains gore, scenes that may seem frightening or grotesque to some readers, and graphic sex scenes.
It is intended for mature audiences only.

Reader Discretion is advised.

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Forced Proximity

  • Single Bed

  • Black Cat / Golden Retriever

  • Witches and Demons

  • Reality Meets Fantasy

  • Monster Romance

Sunflower in the Shadows of ...

Book 2

Full Name Reveal ~ 2025

Hint: I am the uninvited guest at every feast, from the greatest to the very least.

Sunflower in the Shadows of ... and ...

Book 3

Full Name Reveal ~ 2026/2027

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