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Sunflower in the Shadows

Book 1

Hi, I’m Mina Karim and I’m... Well, I’m not too sure what I am. Not anymore anyway. But what I am sure of, is never, under any circumstances, offer your soul to a demon while drunk.

When performing a summoning ritual, there are just a few rules to follow.

1. Never offer your soul.

2. Be sure to read the written text EXACTLY as shown.

3. Know Latin.

4. Protection, protection, PROTECTION.

And lastly, the most important rule of all

5. Never, under any circumstances, summon a demon while drunk.


After breaking every rule in the book, Mina and her friends accidentally summon an ambivalent demon, creating a domino effect of terrors they now must find a way to fix.

The problem? Nobody truly knows about the power they stumbled upon.

Now, Mina finds herself working with the very demon who took her soul, to find a way to break their tether.

Will they be able to break the bond?

Or will the truth send them spiraling further into the endless depths of the Six Circles?

"Sunflower in the Shadows" is a Dark High Fantasy that contains gore, scenes that may seem frightening or grotesque to some readers, and graphic sex scenes.
It is intended for mature audiences only.

Reader Discretion is advised.

You can find the content warnings Here

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