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Signed Copy of Demeter
  • Signed Copy of Demeter


    A side most often told is the side of one who is blamed for the worst. A story twisted to create the narrative of an evil, overbearing mother. But the truth is far more sinister.


    Being the Goddess of Harvest is no easy task, especially with a young Divine in tow. Demeter worked diligently at keeping her crops and harvest afloat while raising a rambunctious and curious child.Hoping Kore would soon follow in the solid path Demeter laid out for her, the goddess suddenly finds herself at the mercy of Zeus' order.Marry off Kore to Ares - no threats needed.


    Before the news could be presented to young Kore, Demeter wakes to find her child vanished in the night.Heartbroken, Demeter sets out in search of young Kore, but what finds her instead sets way to the terror that laid waste to mortal life.