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Sunflower in the Shadows

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A New Dark Fantasy

Sunflower in the Shadows

Enemies to Lovers || Forced Proximity || Single Bed || Grumpy/Sunshine


Hi, I’m Mina Karim and I’m... Well, I’m not too sure what I am. Not anymore anyway.
But what I am sure of, is never, under any circumstances, offer your soul to a demon while drunk.


A Retelling of a Classic Greek Myth

The Taking of Persephone Series

Now under 8th Note Press

He claims the Underworld is no place for Love.
She is determined to prove him wrong.

From the fans of Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus webtoons graphic novel and Madeline Miller’s Circe and Songs of Achilles, mythology, fantasy, historical fiction, and romance will enjoy this classic retelling in this four-part series.

Before Persephone was known as The Dread Queen, she was but a young goddess who went by the name of Kore, pulling flowers from soil to create life. Nothing more is spoken on the all feared Queen and her rise to power.
Not of her journey.
Not of her time in the realm of the dead where she showed the King of Darkness what it means to be loved.

Experience the full story from all three perspectives to see how things panned out for each of them and what really happened to Demeter during Kore's time with Hades. The first three books of this series trace back through Kore's childhood, Demeter's struggles, and Hades betrayal - all leading up to the next chapter of this series, Persephone (book 4).


Kore on Audiobook

Narrated by Ruthie Bowles

Listen to the full first chapter here!!!

KoreRuthie Bowles
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Hades and Demeter Coming Soon....

Signed Copies & More

Restock on ALL books will be announced after ApollyCon 2024.


Under the
Loquat Tree


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