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Dinner in a Demon Restaurant

This is a deleted scene that will find its way into book 2, just slightly different. This was removed between rewrites 2 and 3 because the storyline took a different turn that did not lead us here in the end. Keep in mind, this has not gone through any edits as it was removed before that phase.

“You said there was room service,” I reminded, pulling the clothes from the bag.

“Yes. Which form would you like to feed?” he said in a dark tone.

“They will bring up either?” I quizzed.

“There is a restaurant, it will bring up mortal dishes. As for your acquired taste, we would need to go down there for you to enjoy. If you would like.”

My stomach ached at the thought of food. But it was the type of food that flashed my mind that caused me to pause.

“Ah, you are unsure of what you want,” he purred, “Or, maybe you know exactly what you want and you are just too full of yourself to admit it.”

“I am not full of myself!” I snapped.

“Then change,” he demanded.

“You first!”

A devilish smile twisted on his face and his brows pulled over his eyes. A black vapor rose up from the floor and seeped from his skin, swirling around him until he was completely covered. When it cleared it left behind a miniature version of what I had seen that day in the woods. Well, he was a bit bigger than his regular human size, but much smaller than what he claims to be his normal size.

His skin was still the universe encapsulated, his horns the same glorious black and gold. Luckily, this time, he kept his clothes on. Admittedly, his clothes did look odd with his form. But it also made it easier to distinguish his physical features. At least in his chest and shoulders.

He was built even as a demon.

“Your turn,” his voice was different again, deeper. Rough but smooth at the same time.

I didn’t respond as I looked at him, mesmerized by his skin, again.

“If you do not, I will assist you. Your sexual frustrations amuse me anyhow.”

“You wouldn’t,” I growled. Words I regretted the moment they left my mouth.

In less than an instant, my wrists were tightly bound, and my back was pressed against the wall. I thrashed against him in an attempt to break free, but his clawed hands grabbed my waist as his tail held my hands together above my head.

He trailed his nose over my jaw, just as he did that time in the shower, only this time his lips brushed against my skin. His breath, his tongue, and his lips all trailed down. Covering my chest, my stomach, and my waist, until he was level with my cunt. I could feel the heat of his breath fan over me.

His tail still held me up by my hands, and as much as my body reacted, I squirmed in his grasp.

“Erius, this isn’t fair,” I sighed. The tingly chill washed over me in a way. Stirring a smug chuckle from him.

“You do not know the meaning of fair,” he lifted until his frost blue eyes were level with mine, “I’ve decided we will be going out. Put on something… Nice.” His eyes fell to his hand, which was being entangled in my traitorous tail. But, soon his tail gently swept across my cheek and twisted about my arm as well.

“That request sounds as if you have something in mind.” I pointed.

“I do.” He snapped his fingers, and my body was cooled by the relief of the absence of clothes.

“Don’t move,” he breathed, placing his hands over my shoulders and trailing them down. He was sure to grope and grab at me when he could until he pulled free at my knees.

My body was covered by a light fabric, more comfortable than what I had on before. Erius drew up until he was nose to nose with me.

“Remember what I told you?” He whispered.

“I’m yours,” I repeated softly.

His lips kicked up into a smug smile and he closed the distance, pressing them to mine. The smile was still on his face when he pulled free. Leaving my lips cold and aching.

“Yes. Yes, you are.” He pressed his lips to mine again and straightened. My mind was in too much of a blank haze to argue or question him.

His hand found mine as he led me from the suit and out into the hall. The mirror walls were enough to present me with my look for the night.

Forget the demon form. It was the dress Erius set me up with that caught my attention. It was a skintight black dress, stopping high above my knees. Turtleneck with sheer sleeve. But it was the fabric that really pulled it together. Diamonds of different sizes were scattered about the whole dress. Matching that of the stars in his skin. He even matched it with a pair of diamond-dazzled heels.

When we arrived at the elevators, there were several other groups. Mixing from humans and demons to creatures I hadn’t seen. All of them eyed us as if we were the odd ones. Erius leaned down into my ear, fanning his scent across me. His hand slipped over my waist, as he pulled me closer to him.

“We will get the next one.”

The other group began a wave of whispers, while one pulled out his phone to snap a photo. When the doors opened, the groups entered and we waited. More flashes from the phone snapped as the doors closed.

“What the fuck was that?” I breathed.

“I told you I was well known,” he reminded with a sigh.

“Well know, and famous are very different levels. That man took a picture of us!”

His body shook as he laughed, and the next elevator door opened. We entered and when the door shut, he turned to me.

“I have done a deal of favors most refused. A lot of which has earned me a high status. I do what must be done,” he informed, stepping toward me, “The very fact I am not only back in this realm and being hunted. But I am here with you – someone, one could only assume, was turned into a Nipans by me. There will be a bit of an uproar.”

“So… You are a celebrity?” I pointed.

“In moral terms? Yes.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” I pressed.

“What benefit would you have gained from such knowledge?”

“I guess none,” I admitted.

“You know what you need to know,” he offered.

“I thought we were being chased though. Won’t this draw attention?”

“Only in what I hope will be a beneficial way,” he muttered.

I pushed from him, disgust washing over me as I scrunched my nose to him.

"So I am an item and a prop to you?” I shot. The heat of my blood warmed my skin and I could feel my tail whipped about behind me.

“It will benefit us both. If they believe you have been unharmed, they will call off the watchers and we can wait to call Tikara in peace.”

“They?” I shot. He turned and looked toward the door, ignoring my question. There were things he was ok with sharing with me. Things such as eating innocent babies. But whatever it was that he does, whoever it was that was following him. That he kept to himself. Whatever it was, it clearly brought him great shame.

“You are not a prop or an item,” he held out his hand, “Come back, please.”

Please? He never said please. Though I couldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I figured, why not have some fun. This was our last week together. I still had things I wanted to do with him that benefited only me. I was no different. Not anymore.

I stepped back to him, taking his hand and tucking into his side as the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened to another red-lit hall and Erius towed me out. He led me through several more halls until we were in an open plaza that held stores and restaurants. Very much like what you would see in a mortal hotel.

Eyes of all kinds find their way to us, whispers and flashes to follow.

Erius pulled me closer and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we entered a low-lit restaurant. The name Pluton was hung in bright lights above the entrance. We stepped up to the podium where a very highly pale man stood. He flashed us a smile, large white fangs shining through. His eyes flashed from Erius to me before he greeted us.

“We’d like a spot on the balcony,” Erius ordered in a smooth voice. I could hear the low growl of it in his chest as it rumbled against my ear.

“Yes sir, this way,” the man said, grabbing two menu slips and heading through the doors. He took us through the dark restaurant, lights gleamed and sparkled against the diamonds encrusted into the walls and trimmings.

Say what you may, but demons do love flashy things.

Erius kept his arm tightly around my shoulder. He paid little mind to the eyes and stares that followed us and burned into our backs. But he did pull me closer the further we went and the more… patrons, we passed.

When we finally made it to the balcony, the man sat us nearest the bar that overlooked the resort and the following desert.

Erius played nice, pulling my chair out and being an all-around ‘gentleman’. I was sure to not let it go to my head, knowing what his true motives were. But, there was no harm in playing it up, I guess.

The man set the menus in front of us and pulled out a pen and pad.

How mortal like.

“Did you have an idea on drinks?” he inquired.

I was barely in the process of locating the drink section. I was surprised I could even read the font and writing. I looked worse than chicken scratch.

“Water and a bottle of DeMorte whisky,” Erius ordered, setting his menu down. The waiter turned to me, but I was glaring at Erius through narrowed eyes.

“A whole bottle?”

“We can share or you can get wine,” he shrugged.

“Wine?” I blurted excitedly. His lips pulled up as he grabbed my menu and turned to the section that listed the wines. He handed it back and I looked over the options. None that I was familiar with. What I could decipher was the color. Reds, whites, and rosé.

“Uh,” I breathed, “Anything that is red?”

“Glass or bottle?” The waiter tossed. I shot my eyes to Erius, I most certainly didn’t have the means to pay for any of this.

“The bottle,” Erius responded. The man wrote it down and walked off to grab the orders. I watched as he disappeared into the restaurant. The sound of the chair scraping against the floor called my attention. I turned to find Erius beside me, his hand reaching out to my menu.

“What are you doing?” I shot, pulling it from him.

“Showing you your options?” he sighed, taking the menu. When he located the section, he pointed it out to me.

In title read HUMAN in bold letters and below it was a list of odd names.

“Will I have to… retrieve it myself?” the question was more to myself, I hadn’t meant for it to slip aloud.

“No,” he laughed, “As long as you aren’t as messy as the last time, your dress will be fine. For now,”


“Hm?” he hummed, a failed attempt to avoid what I know he said.

“I know you putting on this show for everyone, but we are alone out here. You can bring all that, back a bit,” I felt something slip around my leg, and over my thigh as I spoke. Assuming it was my tail I reached to remove it, but Erius grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him until our noses brushed. My horns fit between his perfectly and without colliding.

“I never said we were putting on a show,” his voice was threatening and the stars in his skin brightened.

“You said, while we are here –”

“You are mine. And thus you are,” his voice fell to a whisper as he continued, “By the night’s end, you will not question it again.”

I could feel my breathing pick up as my skin heated. He was different and despite my self pep talk on it all being fake, he was doing a fine job of muffling the lines.

“Why are you acting like this?” I breathed.

“Mina,” he sighed, pulling me closers, “Do not forget what I am.”

The waiter approached with the bottles and set them down. Not bothering to ask if we were ready to order our food. I’m sure we looked to be in an extremely intimate hold.

My tail twisted around my thig and up my dress, when I looked down, my breath caught. It hadn’t been my tail at all. It was his and he continued to slip it up my thigh until my body trembled. He cocked a half-smile at me and pulled away. Both his face and tail, though, his tail found comfort in twisting around with mine.

He reached for the bottle of wine and the glass the waiter set down. The waiter came back, having been waiting for us to part, I suppose. I don’t know Erius’ true status in his world. But if I was waiting on some celebrity, I would be waiting in the shadows too.

“Have you to decided on what you’d like?” he asked kindly.

I shot my eyes back to the menu, having been too distracted by Erius.

“Uh,” I sighed, skimming the many options. Remembering what it was I came to order.





Organ entrees, if you will.

I thought back to what I remembered eating from that man in the forest. What tasted the best. I looked over the number of options once more until I found it.

“I will have the… lungs?” I looked to Erius, for confirmation, for disapproval. I am honestly not sure, but I have obviously never been here before.

“Are you asking?” Erius chuckled.

I shook my head and looked up to the waiter, “The lung.”

He wrote down and looked to Erius, “And you, sir?”

“A soul,” was all Erius gave.

The order was taken and the man was off once more. I turned to Erius, his eyes already on me.

“Where do they get all this from?” I pressed.

“Sacrifices, mortals who have devoted themselves to cults, and cadavers from mortal medical school,” he explained.

“None of them are tricked into being human… cattle?”

“Oh please,” he scoffed, “Don’t pretend as if it would upset you. You fight the dwindling of your emotions as much as you fight your desires. Release them.”

“I haven’t had enough wine for any, releasing,” I sighed, grabbing the glass he had poured.

“I’d prefer you not get too drunk,” he warned, pouring himself his whisky.

“What does that mean?”

“It means, I want you conscious and able to consent to the rest of our night.”

Air squeezed from my lungs as the butterflies in my stomach caught fire.

“Uh,” I breathed, “What is the rest of our evening?”

“That is a surprise,” he took a sip of his glass and looked at me through narrowed eyes.

He leaned closer until we were cheek to cheek, the heat of his breath brushed against my ear and the rumble of his chest rattled my body. “But trust, that I will find a way to fuck you everywhere we end up.”

My body trembled and my heart felt as if it would break my ribs as it pounded against them. For the third time that evening, I felt his tail slide up my dress, caressing my thigh as it crept further along.

“In fact,” he growled against me, his tail slipped under the band of my thong.

“You wouldn’t!” I gasped.

“That is the second time you have challenged what I will and will not do. Now sit still and don’t make a sound,” he ordered.

His tail slipped into me, yanking the air from my lungs while he sat with a cocky smirk on his lips. As if nothing was happening.

I, on the other hand, dug my claws into the chair as I struggled to keep my composure. I leaned forward, cranking my claws from the chair and resting my head in my hands in an attempt to hide the expressions of pure pleasure that twisted on my face. I bit my lip, holding back a moan.

“Shh,” he whispered.

The sound of approaching footsteps pulled me back and I shot up in my chair. He paused his movements as the waiter came up with our plates.

“Enjoy,” he said quickly before darted away once more.

“Have you had enough for now?” Erius asked darkly as his tail slipped free, though it continued to cling to my thigh.

I nodded faintly, adjusted my dress, and crossed my legs. I looked at him, a slick smile carved his face.

“You plan to do that all night?” I said breathlessly.

“There are a number of things I plan to do to you,” he taunted.

He pulled his odd-shaped glass toward him, there was a blue glowing… thing in it. It looked to be soup, but I do know he said soul.

“Is that what souls look like?” I asked.

“Yes. Would you like to try?”

“Can I do that?”

“Your form has a preference that sustains it, but you can eat anything you want. As a mortal would.”

My ear twitched against my horn as I contemplated tasting someone’s soul. Erius leaned closer once again, the purple and blue tints in his skin swirled around him like a passing galaxy.

“What does it taste like?” I asked blankly.

“Will you be asking me a million questions, or would you like to see for yourself?” he toyed.

He lifted the glass in one hand and held my chin in the other. Tilting my head up slightly, he brought the glowing liquid to my lips. It didn’t have much of a smell, but its taste matched that of a sugary treat. Much like a dessert rather a main dish. Either way, it was delicious.

“Is that what mine tasted like?” I shot.

His wicked smile kicked back upon his lips as he loomed over me.

“Do you want the truth?”

I was curious to know what my soul had tasted like. If it was sweet, savory, or what. If he enjoyed it.

Hold on. I shouldn’t care about that. Let alone wonder it.

“Not if it was bad,” I shot, turning to my plate. Luckily, they left a fork and knife. I didn’t have to be a complete animal.

Erius pulled my chair so that I was facing him. He placed his hands on either side of my chair, blocking me in as he did.

“In all my existence I had never tasted anything as sweet.” He pulled me closer, tucking his head into the crook of my neck. I froze as his hands tangled in my hair.

“It consumes every aspect of you. Your smell, your skin. It’s all so tantalizingly appetizing.”

“So, you really have been fighting the urge to make me a meal,” I gasped. His lips pressed against my neck and he made an odd noise in the back of his throat.

“If I made a meal of you, I would not be able to enjoy this.” His lips swept across my skin as he inhaled against me.

“Yes, all of which is very… sudden.”

He pulled from me so that his white glowing eyes were staring down on me. The stars about his face shifted with the colors.

“You do not realize how difficult you have made the last three weeks.”

“What do you mean, I made it difficult?”

“Just, eat your food, Mina. So, we can go.”

There was sudden lightness around me, but at the same time, my sense felt flooded. My skin was sensitive to the grip of his hands cupping my face, his tail inching up my thigh to finish what it had started earlier. Stealing my breath and sanity in one quick trust.

I bit back a moan as I looked up to him, my body shaking in heated anticipation.

“Shh. Eat, and do so quietly,” he ordered, placed a kiss on my forehead. He leaned back in his chair, his tail working in a slow rhythmic motion.

I struggled to keep compositor, leaning for word over the lung. I held my forehead in my hand, struggling to hold the fork as my body struggled to remain still. Rocking against him slightly. Thank gods for the tablecloth because I’m sure from the outside looking in, it was very clear what was going on.

In attempt to make it look less like that to the flashing phones through the glass, I took a bite of the food. I’m not sure if Erius was trying to make it obvious, if he was trying to break me but he pumped his tail into me faster. I turned my head to hide the expressions that painted my face.

Erius slipped his fingers around my arm and pulled me back to face him.

“Oh,” he chuckled breathlessly, “But I want to see your face.” His hands tangled in my curls, pulling me to his chest as he continued to work. I bit my lip, holding back the moans that fought to break free.

“That’s my girl,” he groaned, “Now finish eating, because I want to take you somewhere where we will have more privacy.

“We can leave now,” I panted.

His eyes widened and he perked up in his seat. His tail slipped free from me, and I cried out in disapproval. I’m not sure how he called the attention of the waiter, but he was at our table in an instant with a to-go box in an instant. He topped the two bottles and boxed the food, handing it to Erius before rushing away once more.

“Does he know? Is that why he is so fast?” I asked, watching as the waiter shot into the building one more.

“I told you. I would be sure to let everyone know you are mine. As I will continue to do throughout the night.”

My body shook at his words as I gazed up to him, “How?”

“You are not in the mortal world anymore, Mina.”

Erius sent the bottles and meal away in the black vapor. Though he appeared calm, the way the chair scraped against the floor when he stood definitely had a reason. He offered me his hand, the same one with the identical scar that rested on my arm. It was ironic in a sense, that the very same scar we had looked to with such resentment because of the tether it symbolized. Now seemed as if it caused a different connection.

“I am a very selfish creature, Mina. You are someone I do not want to share. Not with that mortal, and not with anyone who dear tries take you from me.” He pressed his lips against my jaw before he spoke again, “And in my world, you are most certainly a desirable creature. Both forms.”



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