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Hermes Bonus Chapter for Demeter

Updated: Jun 7

Hello again! I am sure you have missed me as much as I have missed sharing my tales with you all. A few things before we get started with my side, as with every story, I had a part in Kore’s upbringing and leading up to being Queen of the Underworld. This is another one of those, but that is not what I wanted to share. You see, I am getting my own story to share. A full book dedicated to me and my adventures. As you have noticed in many forms, there are some things that just do not belong in this time. Such as some of the words I know, a beautiful black sheep named Baba, and a pair of golden goggles. Well, there is a reason for all that, and it all has to do with the Fate’s damned tapestry of time.

Anyway, enough of me, that is all I am allowed to share. Let’s get into a scene that almost made it as a central chapter, but my perspectives are always best told by me and me alone. So let us begin at the very beginning, the moment I realized Kore was the goddess The Fates and Hecate were speaking of all those years ago.




Demeter had run down the corridor, leaving me of all gods with her child. The one she had apparently thrown a fit over when she had come down here in the mortal realm. Me. I could hardly be trusted with caring for myself, now I had to care for this miniature goddess.

I looked down at said child, her beaming smile was admittedly adorable. I suppose a few moments will not hurt. I must be careful is all.

I held her out from me at arm’s length while she continued to reach from my hair.

“Well, short little… girl. I guess it is just you and me for a little while.” Luckily, she could sense my nervousness and apprehension, but just continued to smile, and giggle. Personally, I find children sticky and filthy, but Kore is none of those things given that Demeter was extremely particular in her grooming habits. Still, I could not help but feel a sense of nervousness as she stared into my soul. I fought back a shiver that bit at my bones as I set her down.

“Do you have anything of interest to show me?” I asked. For a moment she didn’t say anything, only staring up at me with her big creepy eyes.

Plower,” she giggled incoherently. What in sweet Tartarus is a plower?

“What was that?”

Plower,” she repeated. I scrunched my face at her with pinched brows, confused why she thought repeating the same word would make it any clearer for me. Perhaps she didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Power?” I challenged.

Plower!” Kore shouted angrily.

“I don’t know what a plower is!” I shot back, matching her snippy tone.

She threw her hands up with an agitated groan before storming passed me toward the opening. I followed her out and around to the garden where she took me to what she found interesting in the mortal realm. I cannot deny that I had found it quite plain most days. Even the mortal wars no longer surprise me.

Sadly, war was all Kore knew and with how Demeter kept her tucked away in this meadow, a simple sheep would probably seem interesting.

We stopped at the side of the cottage where the growing part of the garden was located. Sweet citrus air swirled around as we moved through a short row or orchard trees. It wasn’t until we reached a pot of growing lavender plants that I understood what she was saying.

She pointed to the pot as she turned back to me, “Plower!”

“Oh! You mean flower. I do apologize Kore, but I do not find them all that interesting.” I searched up high into the branches of the trees and far out into the sky. Scanning the air for anything I could use as an example of what I found interesting.

By fate, a soaring black hawk swooped over the trees. A beautiful and majestic creature, while also sly and cunning. Not too much different than myself, I like to think.

“Now that there, is interesting,” I said, turning around to an empty garden that was now bare of Kore’s presence.

“Uh – Kore?” I whispered. If she was simply hiding in the bushes, I did not want to cause alarm to Demeter just yet. This was her meadow, after all, I was sure Kore knew her way around, better than I.

How far could she had gone? Really. She was quite small anyway. Those little legs couldn’t possibly have taken her far.

“Kore?” I called a bit louder, passing empty pots and gardening beds with no luck. Now, I was not one to get nervous, but with each passing second and no Kore spotted, my heart would pound harder and faster.

I strained my ears, trying to listen over the pulsing of my ichor and rushing wind for any little sign of laughter or footsteps crunching through the leaves. But there was nothing.

“Kore?” I called over the garden, not caring if Demeter heard or not, I’m sure she’d have a better idea where her daughter has gone.

Blah!” Kore roared from behind me. I yelped out and spun around to find her dangling upside down from a tree branch, her hands clinging to two deathly-looking vines.

I followed the hideous tendrils up to where they wrapped snugly around the overhanging brand and down into the soil directly beneath Kore. They were not vines of any kind I had seen before. Certainly not in the mortal realm, and more particularly, Demeter’s meadow of all places. The scent of death coated them just as heavily as the dark energy that pulsated through them.

Kore did not seem to mind, swinging peacefully entangled within them.

“What…” I began to inspect the vines more closely, at a loss for words.

A bright, cheery smile spread to Kore’s lips as the shriveled limbs gently lowered her to the ground. She kept her attention on me as the vines slithered back into the earth. I did not think it was fear of the gods that caused Demeter to flee here. Well, perhaps not all of them. An interesting skill she has neglected to mention.

That is interesting,” I finally admitted, “Perhaps we should get you back to your mother before you conjure up any more spectacularly fascinating things.”

She ran to me with a musical giggle that echoed through the trees like a sweet song. Innocent and lovely – covering a darkness meant for the Underworld. This must be the divine the Fates had spoken of.

She led me back into the cottage, skipping happily down the corridor to the bathing chamber. I stopped at the column entrance to allow Demeter privacy while Kore skipped on in.

I was sure to clear my throat before announcing myself, “Demeter?”

No answer. I got ready to call out for her again when Kore stepped out with down-turned lips.

“She is not there,” she shrugged innocently. Along the floor were wet footprints that led down to the end chamber. We crept over to the open door and gave a gentle knock before I poked my head in.

“Demeter?” I called softly. Still no answer, well, not a verbal conscious response. But a light snore emitted from her kline.

“Shh. She is sleeping,” Kore whispered as she shut the door.

“Well,” I exhaled, “What else can you show me?”


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